Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Assorted Bone-in Pork Chops

How often are you at the store and pass by a screaming deal on assorted bone-in pork chops? Seems like every other week these things are on sale at one chain or another for something less than $2/lb. These are so quick and easy to cook, and for that price, they really can't be beat. Even if you you're feeding someone who doesn't want bone-in chops, you cut the meat off the bone of a loin rib chop, and then you get the cook's prerogative of gnawing on the bone yourself.

My basic quick easy way to cook these guys is to season them an hour or so before cooking and them put them right on a direct fire for about 3 minutes a side (these are skinny 1/2 inch chops.

This package had 4 rib loin chops, 2 t-bone chops (loin/fillet), and 2 shoulder chops. You can go any direction with the seasoning from the simplest Lawry's seasoned salt and cayenne, to a home made rub, to a wet marinade (Korean BBQ flavors would ROCK!)

To get good color and a little charring on these puppies, I had the grill open until flare-ups occurred--about 2 minutes on super hot coals, then cover for another 90 seconds and flip. Cook for another 3 minutes and remove them to rest for a few minutes in a warm pan. Serve with some BBQ sauce or just scarf them down. Sometimes I mop them with sauce on the grill to finish them, but too often I lose too much sauce that way. 

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